30 June 2013

Introducing the Bad Kerb Map of Wapping

The Bad Kerb Map is an attempt to crowdsource information about barriers to mobility for wheelchair users and parents with buggies in and around Wapping in East London.

The project was started by architect John Inglis, after a discussion hosted by network Wapping, a grassroots group looking to promote neighbourhood planning in the area. The map, which includes photos of problem junctions geo-located on Google Maps, was launched with a series of photos taken by John Inglis using a typical camera phone.

It is hoped that local residents will contribute their own photos* by emailing John via studio425@london.com or tweeting images to @johnsketches. To date, the project has received good support from hyper-local bloggers on Twitter but no photo contributions.

Assuming that enough information can be gathered, it is hoped that the Bad Kerb Map can be used to direct investment into improving the public realm in and around Wapping.

--- Update, 11th August 2013 ---

Many thanks to Cathryn Rees, who has contributed a number of photos, which have been added to the map.