31 July 2013

3D Modelled Perspectives of a Planning Application in Hounslow

Studio 425 were recently commissioned to create a series of first person perspective views in support of a planning application in the London Borough of Hounslow. The views explore the relationship between an existing church spire and a proposed 7 storey apartment building.

The images are based on topographic survey data, that was incorporated into a Sketchup model of the surrounding townscape.

The existing roads, bridges and buildings were them modelled in 3D alongside a virtual model of the proposed new buildings. Views were then taken from an eye-level perspective of key parts of the model, including the approach to the neighbouring church spire and a footbridge over a river that runs adjacent to the planning application site.

The views offer dimensional accuracy, meaning that the relative heights of spaces and buildings within the views are all based on survey data. However, unlike verified views, which offer accurate rendering of materials, these Sketchup generated views use a restricted palette of notional materials for solid, glass and vegetation. The images created by Studio 425 were used for internal design team meetings. The images were then traced  by hand to create dimensionally accurate hand-drawn perspectives, which were included in the planning applications' Design and Access Statement.