29 October 2013

London Plan Space Standards Spreadsheet

Studio 425 are pleased to present the ‘London Housing Design Guide Spreadsheet by studio425’, a handy new tool for measuring designs for new homes against the London Plan space standards. 

The file, an Excel template, can be used to quickly check what space standards apply to new homes and see if a proposed design meets the London Housing Design Guide criteria.

The spreadsheet, a .XLT file works by asking you to fill in unit type and measurements for specific spaces including bedrooms, living rooms, balconies and storage spaces for new homes. The spreadsheet automatically displays what space standards are required and highlights whether or not the proposal meets these space standards.

The spreadsheet uses a combination of IF commands and conditional formatting to display the results with simple “yes” / “no” answers. These results are automatically colour co-ordinated, green for “yes” and red for “no”.

If you find the spreadsheet useful, please forward a link to our website to your colleagues or social media contacts. The file is published completely gratis.