30 September 2013

Garden Design Visualisation with Custom Texture Maps

Studio 425 recently completed a series of images for an architect-designed garden. The proposal, for a private home in South West London, includes new planting, decking, sculpture and a pergola with outdoor seating. The landscaping and structures are all subject to permitted development rights, meaning that no planning permission is needed to carry out the works.

The presentation images above and below show how the garden will look once completed and were used by the architect to communicate the design proposal to their domestic client. The views were prepared via a 3D model in Sketchup and include a number of custom-made texture maps. In particular, the pleached beech trees are shown with a semi-transparent material that highlights the visual permeability of the planting.

As well as the completed eye-level perspectives, we are also publishing some of the custom made texture maps used in the project. The texture images are named with reference to the Uniclass system, which is a standardised naming system used in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC). Please feel free to use the texture images by right-clicking and saving a copy.