30 April 2013

Bespoke Illustrations for a Wedding

Studio 425 are pleased to present these bespoke illustrations for a wedding party. The hand drawn illustrations describe the table names for the wedding breakfast.

Each image was developed following in depth conversation with the bride and groom about table arrangements and common interests between the guests.
The name of each table is significant to the guests. For instance, the ‘White Hart’ table is populated by friends who regularly meet in a particular pub and the ‘Father of the Groom’ table is populated friends and family of the groom’s father.

Some of the images are literal, like ‘Premier Place’ which shows the building in which the table guests first worked and met. Others are more abstract, like the tangerine image referring to the groom’s family’s favourite football team.

The illustrations were prepared using a Staedtler 0.3 pigment liner and will be displayed on the dining tables and an A1 board directing the wedding guests to their seats.