29 September 2012

Virtual Model of a Home and Garden

Studio 425 recently prepared a virtual 3D model of a private home and garden in the London Borough of Merton. The site, a single family home in an affluent area near Wimbledon Park, slopes dramatically and includes a number of terraces, embankments and retaining walls. The site topography made it hard for the home owners to visualise how to make best use of their available space.

The 3D model was prepared on behalf of the homeowners' architect, who is currently preparing plans for an extension and major renovation of the whole property. The existing landscape model, below is used in discussions with their architect and can be adapted to show different design might work.

The model was prepared in Sketchup, using data from a topographic survey. You can download a copy of the original file here, which opens in Sketchup and includes a number of pre-saved views. Alternatively, click below to see an animated movie generated from the model.

If you are interested in creating a similar model for your own property or to help communicate your designs to your clients, Studio 425 off very competitive rates and will be glad to discuss your project. Send us an email at studio425@london.com or tweet John Inglis via @johnsketches and we'll be in touch.