16 June 2012

Architectural Perspectives of a Domestic Rear Extension

 We are pleased to present these perspective views of a domestic rear extension for a family home in the London Borough of Richmond. Working with an architect's general arrangement plans and elevations, supplied in DWG format, John Inglis produced these artists' impressions as part of the architect's design development and design communication process.

We expect the views will be included in an upcoming householder application for planning permission. The views were created using the 3D modelling package Sketchup, which can import the DWG file format commonly used by architects and designers in the construction industry.

If you are working towards a planning application and are interested in producing model based architectural illustrations for design communication or for inclusion in a Design and Access Statement, we'd be happy to provide a competitive quote to render your plans in 3D. 

John Inglis can be contacted via studio425@london.com