13 May 2012

3D Walkthrough for Bathroom Interior

Studio 425 is pleased to present this 3D walkthrough for a high-end bathroom interior for a domestic extension. The walkthrough lets anyone with a web browser enter a virtual 3D model and explore the bathroom design from eye level.

Using simple controls you can walk around, look up, down, left and right and switch to pre-prepared views.
The bathroom design is based on a luxury interior with double shower, his-and-hers vanity sinks, family bath and home sauna. The walkthrough presentation is based on a 3D model prepared in Sketchup and converted for the web with Spread3D, a free software package that lets you explore Sketchup models on the web.

 As the Sketchup 3D model is based on the architects' drawings, the walkthrough presentation is millimetre accurate and offers the client an accessible presentation of the architects' design.

Both Sketchup and Spread3D offer free, basic versions of their 3D software, which can be used to recreate the walkthrough scene. Here at Studio 425 we have long been fans of Sketchup, which can be used to test and communicate architectural ideas in 3 dimensions.

The development of Spread3D as a way of sharing Sketchup models online allows designers to communicate their design ideas in a controlled, uneditable format.

If you have a domestic interior or building project that you would like us to visualise in 3D, feel free to contact us via studio425@london.com. Alternatively, search online for Sketchup or Spread3D.