1 April 2012

Hand Drawn Architectural Illustrations from Owen Pomery

A new website, Analogue Vision presents the distinctive architectural illustrations of Owen Pomery, a freelance illustrator based in London. 

The site showcases Pomery’s architectural sketches and includes a new image of Studio 425’s proposal for Greenpeace’s Airplot in the village of Sipson.

Pomery’s delicate, hand finished images are a stark contrast to the polished, fait accompli style of photo-realistic CGIs. The image for Studio 425’s Airplot proposal was based on a 3d model prepared in Sketchup, which formed the basis for Pomery’s work. 

Working this way allowed the designers to agree a perspective viewpoint with the illustrator and ensure a high level of accuracy. The finished piece, however, is distinctly freehand and captures the organic, naturalised approach to architecture that typifies Studio 425’s proposal for the Airplot design contest.

For more of Owen Pomery’s work, see Analogue Vision and The Victory Motel.