19 June 2011

Studio 425 shortlisted in Protest Poster Competition

Studio 425's entry into Don't Panic's latest poster design competition has been shortlisted by public vote. The brief for the competition called for a new political slogan that worked as a sound bite, protest placard and a poster to be handed out with the Don't Panic magazine.

The poster design includes the slogan 'where will we live?' and an original poem exploring issues of climate change, social care and education, as well as the ongoing shortage of housing. The simple headline can be adapted to suit different causes while maintaining  solidarity across campaigns and organisational boundaries. The use of bold colours and text on a simple matte background means that the poster can be reproduced and adapted at different scales without the need for high-end print quality.

The competition attracted 124 entries worldwide and Studio 425's design was placed 5th by public vote. You can see Don't Panic's official competition page here. The winning design, selected by Don't Panic's confidential jury, will be given a print run of 80,000 copies and distributed with the next edition of Don't Panic Magazine. The contest was sponsored by Diesel Jeans.

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