15 March 2011

Submitting content - Types of Content

The studio 425 site is an opportunity to share news and expertise, whilst marketing yourself and your employer to potential clients. Posts should fall into one of three categories, namely news items, tutorials and guides.

News items should include something you have worked on personally and are keen to repeat or adapt for a new client. This could be an award, an entry into a competition, a new collaboration or a project milestone such as winning planning permission or reaching practical completion. In time, the sum of your news stories should amount to an online portfolio of your work.

Tutorials should demonstrate a particular skill or technique for your peers' benefit. Most revolve around practical issues such as software techniques.

Guides are written for the benefit of potential clients and are typically geared towards home-owners or landlord / developers. A well written guide will open the reader to new possibilities for their home or site and convince them that you or your employer are the firm to take it forward. While guides could be seen as sales pitches, they should be well informed, targeted sales pitches.

If you have a news item, guide or tutorial to share, please get in contact via studio425@london.com